Breeding another man’s wife



My son and I have been having sex now for about six months behind my husband’s back. He had been spending more time at work and well it just happened between me and my son. But last week my son asked me if he could impregnate me. I told him no that’s going too far. But he has been so insistent lately, almost begging to fill me with his seed and make me carry his child. Last night, my son came up behind me placed his hand on my belly and whispered in my ear “you’ll look so sexy bred”

I woke him up this morning telling him “Son I’m fertile, you can breed me”

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Breeding another man’s wife




So after this you are gonna fertalise my eggs right?

To right.

Breeding another man’s wife

Breeding another man’s wife



They did everything together, so when one of them wanted me to knock her up, the other one wanted breeding to. Love breeding them both.



Breeding material

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Your wife is in bed with her lover. It’s time to pull out your cock and have a little fun while you watch. This is what you crave, isn’t it? You want to watch your wife make love to another man. You want to see his cock fill her perfect wet pussy. You’re going to get exactly what you want today.

Watch them kiss as you slowly stroke your cock, cuckold. Get nice and hard, but be gentle with your dick. Admire the intimacy between them. Look at how well he knows your wife’s body. Look at how she responds to him, how her lips press eagerly against his. Look at the lust she feels for him.

Are you a little more excited now, cuckold? Is your cock a little harder. Keep stroking. Keep stroking your cock as you watch your wife and her lover have sex. Look at the tender way she runs her hand through his hair. Look at her fingers pressing into the flesh of his ass, urging him deeper inside her.

Keep stroking as you watch the rhythmic thrusting. He’s making love to your wife while you’re watching, cuckold. Does it make you crazy with jealousy? Does it make your cock hard as a rock? Are you close to cumming? If so, you need to slow down.

You love how intimate they are, don’t you? At first you thought your wife would just have wild, crazy sex with the guys she hooked up with. It happened a few times, and then she met him. Then she met someone she was genuinely attracted to. She met someone she felt something for. Now they’re in your marital bed making love while you’re masturbating.

It’s okay, cuckold. This is how it is for most hotwives. They like to make a connection with the man they’re fucking. Sometimes they want to make love. She still loves you. In fact, she loves you more now than she ever has. You let her discover her sexuality and meet her needs in a way she never thought possible.

Stroke a little faster now, cuckold. Stroke a little faster as he pounds your wife’s pussy a little faster. You can hear her moaning for him between their sensual tongue kisses. You can hear her whimper and practically beg him to fuck her harder and deeper. “Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me!” she says. “Your cock feels so good inside me,” she whispers to him.

Do those words turn you on? Does it make you want to cum when you hear your wife beg another man to fuck her harder? It should. Go with it, cuckold. Embrace it. Tighten your grip on your cock and stroke faster.

Her orgasm is approaching, cuckold. Yours shouldn’t be far behind. His big cock has made her feel so good and your wife is about to cum on it. Watch and stroke, cuckold. Watch and masturbate as your wife gets fucked by her lover.

Don’t cum just yet. Hold off for just a few more seconds. Keep stroking slowly as you admire the passion in your wife’s eyes. Look at how lusty she is. Look at how badly she wants him to fuck her. Can you hear her telling him to cum inside her? “I want your cum inside me,” she says to her lover. He’s going to fill her.

It’s time to cum, cuckold. He just released his seed into your wife’s womb. He just filled her with his cum. Her body is tingling with pleasure from the incredible orgasm she just had. It’s time for you to join them. Let your cock cum, cuck. Watch your wife kissing her lover. Admire the post-coital bliss they’re both experiencing. Cum, cuckold.

This is sooo hot! I think I’m going to try and convince my lover to do this with hubby and me one of these days!

Breeding another man’s wife



Breeding another man’s wife



She loves it

She feels herself being bred.