alifewithin: I had met her at the bar, hell, it had been a…


I had met her at the bar, hell, it had been a rough day. A rough day, a rough week, and even more so a rough month. Things hadn’t been going well for me. Business, was just that, business. The boss was demanding, the coworkers a pain, and the demands rising. 

So when it came down for that weekend, I was looking for a release. A little bit of alcohol to boost that courage and I had found her. Candace was her name. She was a bit older than what I was usually after when I traveled. It didn’t matter at the time when I came up to talk to her. It seemed like she was just in town for the weekend like I was.

A few drinks later, and we were upstairs up in my hotel room. Hell, she had never had a chance to undress fully when I had been on her. Her body flushed as my fingers danced across her skin. My lips leaving little wet marks upon her skin. Nibbling biting, even as we found our way to that bed. 

As I slid up behind her, she glanced over her shoulder looking back at me. “Are you clean?” She managed to grin back at me. Even as she began to tease her self her hand. “Oh I really hope you are, cause I don’t have any condoms, and I don’t want to use them.” 

I could only chuckle, as I reached down between my legs to grip at that hard cock. “Yes I am clean, and I’d rather not not use a condom either. “ 

She only nodded in response as she lifted her leg up to allow me slide right in between legs to slide my hard cock up against her dripping wet opening. God I had needed this. I could feel the way the head of my cock just ache at the idea of touching her. To slide right up inside of her. She let out a long groan as I slid up inside her. She was so damn tight. 

There was something to be said about older women. They were less inhibited than the other younger ones. Less qualms about what exactly they wanted. She knew that she didn’t have to impress anyone. Hell she was just so damn sexy. Even as I held up her leg up from just beneath her knee. 

I was relentless with her, even as she kept cumming. I wasn’t going to slow down, now that I had her right where I wanted her. In that delicious bliss of one orgasm to the next. I just wanted this night to be memorable for her. For maybe she would remember me after we went our separate ways. After all this was just a bit of fun for the night before, moving on to catch a flight some where else. 

When I was getting close to finishing, I managed to grunt out the words, “Where do you want me to cum?” It seemed to cause a shiver through her body. Hell, how was I supposed to know she was fertile. Her body seemed to clench at me. “I’m getting close.” 

“Inside,” she managed in between hard breaths. “I can’t get pregnant.” Well those words were perfectly fine with me. There was something about cumming into a woman’s bare pussy. Filling her up with your cum. A mix of juices that was just so natural 

When I finally started to cum inside of her, my hand tightened it’s grip upon her thigh. It clenched almost painfully tight. I could feel my body shudder as I came into her. Shooting stream after stream of that potent wet cream up into her body. Letting in swim in deep as I remained fully inside of her for a few minutes. Basking in the after glow of that pleasure. 

We lay there for a bit, until finally pulling away, to allow her to fully undress and slip under the covers together. Letting us rest for the time. The shower hadn’t even crossed our minds, as we pressed our bodies tightly together. 

When I woke the next morning, she was gone. A note of thanks was left on the pillow beside my own. I hadn’t even heard her leave.

As the time went back, I thought back to that night on occasion. Apparently, though when as I mentioned before, wanting her to remember me. It seemed she had, and so had her body. When I got that text message on my phone, I opened the picture to find a positive pregnancy test.

Well that wasn’t unexpected..