impregnationfreak2: “Oh god…are you really gonna do…


“Oh god…are you really gonna do it?”

“Mmhmm.” was his only response as he continued to pound her pussy with determination.

“You know I’m not on birth control.”


She swore she felt him get harder when she reminded him. “I could get pregnant if you cum in me.”


Even though she still felt some obvious reluctance, she couldn’t deny the rising excitement she felt knowing they were about to make the fantasy real, to truly take the risk.

“Oh god yes!  Do it!  I want you to!”

A few more strokes and he would shove in as hard as he could and flood her unprotected pussy with his load.  And they would never talk of protection or birth control ever again.  Well, aside from when she wanted to coax him on a bit and make him shoot harder inside her…