naturallybaredaddy: Seconds from Stealing Her…


Seconds from Stealing Her Impregnation

Early thirties and starting to feel the call of Her maternal needs, after so long spent ‘just having fun’.

Her aching ovaries and peaking cycles of arousal make it clear that stopping BC, and finding a suitable breeding mate, is the only cure for that most basic of “Primal Needs”

That was last month…

This month is about ‘bareback riding’ every acceptable Daddy candidate She knows, one after another… not getting off them, fucking their tensile bodies and pulsing cocks hard and relentlessly… pushing them all to uncontrollable ejaculation inside Her.

She barely cares to take pregnancy tests any more. It matters not. She does not care who is the eventual lucky man to breed Her. She just wants to feel like the fulfilled woman she is, every time a cock pulses in her pussy and the heat of His seed taken seductively, validates Her bodies “Primal Needs” again.