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None of the men were allowed to touch us, but they watched. 25 or more of them in a circle that closed around us as we were brought in. They watched as we were stripped. They took their cocks out as we were forced onto our backs and tied and foot. They started jerking off as our legs were raised and spread. One by one, as naked, masked girls knelt and slid long-necked funnels into us, they started cumming. Each of them shot their load into a bucket, carried man to man by another masked girl.

I tried, but I couldn’t push the funnel out. When the last man had emptied his balls and zipped up, the woman holding the bucket turned to us. One by one, Video screens above each of us flickered to life. I didn’t understand it at first, but as the girl bent and spilled cum out of the bucket into the first of us, it became clear the camera view was down along the funnel tube. The little pucker at the end of the tube was her cervix, which was now being inundated, covered with semen.

She was crying and shaking her head no. None of our protests or screams had been heeded to that point, and her tears were similarly ignored. As the bucket holder moved to the middle of us, another girl approached the first. She held a big, vibrating wand in both hands, and gently, but firmly pressed it above the filled funnel against the crying woman’s hooded clit, turning her sobs into screams. She bucked and shook, and cum sloshed from the funnel, spilling on stomach. As the bucket poured into the second of us, she started begging, then babbling, then screaming also as a wand was pushed against her clit. 

By the time the bucket was poised above me, the first of us was delirious. I could hear the orgasm being ripped from her, but only had eyes for the white stuff, the mingled semen of two dozen men, being poured into a funnel pointed at the entrance to my ripe womb. Inside me, the neck of the funnel grew warm with the fresh spunk. 

I looked up at the monitor above me and saw only white. I looked over at the first and saw… the funnel was empty. The tiny opening of the cervix was…flexing open and closed with the orgasm being forced upon her. I watched as another stream of white poured down the tube to drain into it. It looked like a little maw greedily devouring the stuff, swallowing the cum into her womb, but I knew better. I knew-

My thoughts jarred away from everything as a crazily buzzing wand pushed against me, right against my most sensitive spots. The stimulation was insanely intense and I knew they were going to force me to climax too, no matter what I wanted. I knew they were going to make me take all that cum in the funnel into me, and then they were going to refill it, and make me take that, until there was none left in the bucket, and all of it was in us – three, fertile, filled wombs. 

?? heavenly!


Very arousing story. Wow.

Mmmmm… where do I sign up for this?!

I need this now

I should do this. 5 girls wanting a baby and 20 guys wanting to donate… $100 admission