jonbonn5: She was just going to flirt with he…


She was just going to flirt with her boss, just to get on his good side so he doesn’t let her go in the corporate restructure. But knowing when to stop was difficult: when he first sat by her side on the couch and put a hand on her shoulder to calm her anxieties, it seemed wrong to reject him. When that hand moved down to her arm, it was the most natural thing in the world. By the time he grabbed her tits real hard and snapped at her to give it up or get her stuff out by the end of the workday, whe was in tears but to scared to resist. When he slammed his cock in her married, faithful cunt she cried out in shame and despair. She tried to reason with him, to explain that he must pull out, that her husband and her were trying for a baby. That was what triggered his orgasm, deep in her fertile womb