From Chrystal Heights:

Brenda’s new neighbor in the apartment next door was playing his television too loud, so Brenda went over and started banging on the door.

The door opened and suddenly Brenda found herself breathing in the most masculine scent she had ever experienced. Her lips parted and she realized she was lubricating like crazy.

Her new neighbor stood in the doorway, smiling. Tall, dark-haired, the perfect amount of 5-o’clock shadow…Brenda couldn’t even talk. 

Too late, Brenda realized her new neighbor was an Alpha.

Bemused, the neighbor took Brenda by the hand and led her back to his room. Moments later Brenda was being pounded silly by her Alpha neighbor. Brenda knew she should stop him…if she got inseminated by his potent sperm, she’d be carrying his baby in her belly for 9 months…but she was completely overwhelmed by his Alpha pheromones and powerful masculinity. All she could do was take his cock as he drove into her again and again, his Alpha balls swelling, his powerful swimmers readying their unstoppable journey to swarm her defenseless egg.

And when she felt his hands tighten on her hips, felt his relentless cock harden and thicken even more, felt a sudden wave of intense warmth shooting into her womb, she knew it was too late. She had just been impregnated by an Alpha whether she liked it or not.